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Jobvite is leading the industry by helping emerging and enterprise companies hire top talent easily, efficiently, and effectively. Our comprehensive and analytics-driven recruiting platform accelerates recruiting with an applicant tracking system, social recruiting, mobile, and more. It’s all in there. For more information, visit Visit Jobvite.

Flux Resources

Since 2009, Flux Resources, LLC has become the trusted provider of customized recruiting and staffing solutions in the Northwest. Flux has deep roots in the professional services arena, and specializes in recruiting for the architecture/engineering/construction, information technology, and corporate business industries. With its headquarters in Portland, Oregon and an additional office in Austin, Texas, Flux currently provides over 350 staff to major clients and projects across the United States. Visit Flux Resources


The Recruiters.Network is about learning, collaborating with peers, and developing your skills as a recruiting professional. There are currently 12 Recruiter Communities that we are building and maintaining. We host multiple recruiting conferences and networking events per year. It all adds up to learning and better results. Visit Recruiters.Network


Media Sponsor

Talent HQ is a premier HR consulting firm and online news & information channel for the Recruiting and Human Resources community. Founded in 2008, Talent HQ partners with leading organizations that provide leading-edge talent acquisition and talent management consulting services that deliver results.



Our event sponsorships run calendar year (January through December) and we offer other add-on sponsorship opportunities per event. Examples include lanyards, prizes, webinars and web site. If you’d like to inquire about sponsorship opportunities please contact us using our form below.

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