Back-Channel References


webinarAs Recruiting and Human Resources professionals, we’ve likely all experienced the dreaded back-channel reference that goes south. You’ve sourced and engaged a candidate where there’s a unanimous “yes” from the interview team and then the hiring manager completes a back-channel reference.

After hearing mixed feedback the hiring manager wants to cut ties and move in a different direction.

These back-channel references provide a great deal of information, that in many cases can derail the recruiting process and send you back to the drawing board.

Join Jason Buss, VP of Talent Acquisition at MongoDB and Kate Bischoff, Employment Attorney & HR Consultant at tHRive Law & Consulting for an exclusive webinar to hear what recruiters should and can do legally as well as some tips on how to handle these situations.  After all, it’s a small world.

This webinar will be held on Thursday, July 13th, 2017 at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST.


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